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 New Necrons vs. Dark Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP

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Lost Vyper
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PostSubject: New Necrons vs. Dark Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP   Fri Feb 13 2015, 19:38

It´s a new dawn for the tomb world of Vilcrax. Overlord has awaken and woken some of his cohorts, only to find a human settlement in ruins on top of their slumbering lair. As they move forth to investigate, the culprits arrive...The Dark Eldar of the Poison Fang arrive in full force and are not going to share their precious playing ground...

1250p New Necrons going against the Dark Eldar, first match with the new codex for the Necrons!


Crusade = Primary (3p)
Modified Maelstrom = Secondary (2p)
Line Breaker, First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Last Laugh = Tertiary (1p each)

- Lost Vyper / Reseda Prime

ps. Part II, New Necrons vs. Eldar 1250p uploaded next week!
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New Necrons vs. Dark Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP
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