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 Opinions on our Special Characters?

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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Opinions on our Special Characters?   Wed Feb 11 2015, 12:50

What's the general opinion regarding our 3 remaining SCs?

The only one I've used so far is Urien, and even then only in a couple of games. He was quite tough, but never actually did anything (his weapon just bounced off everything). I switched to standard Haemonculi (which are cheaper and can be tailored to a variety of roles), and haven't looked back.

I haven't tried Drazhar or Lelith. Looking at their stats alone, Drazhar seems like a slightly upgraded klaivex who costs 6 times as much, and Lelith appears to have the same problem of S3 attacks.

So, what are your thoughts on our SCs? Are any of them worth using?
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Lord Puberis
Lord Puberis

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PostSubject: Re: Opinions on our Special Characters?   Wed Feb 11 2015, 13:13

My thoughts have absolutely nothing to do with their stats (which are average at best) but all to do with the fact we only have 3!!!!
Why do necrons get seven? - I get it, your metal skeletons, you look like a bad guy from He-man, but SEVEN!!!!
In seriousness, i have used Draz, for a laugh mainly, he did what you would expect, and beat up cheap infantry beofre getting shot by everything on the board after killing said unit.
And im using Urien on Friday in a counter charging unit of Grots.
Havent used lillith, as i dont have the model, and im a litte bit anal about using the right models.

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PostSubject: Re: Opinions on our Special Characters?   Wed Feb 11 2015, 16:21

I've also only used Urien, though in several games.

I accidentally stumbled on a highly useful combo though - expensive but very nice indeed. Urien combined with an agoniser/shadowfield archon. Considered as a pair, they become majority WS7, majority T5, they have a 2++ shadowfield, and a 4++ clonefield, they both pass look out sir rolls on 2+, have 6 wounds between them and urien brings it will not die and feel no pain.

This is fantastic for taking down units that you'd otherwise need to dedicate a lot of effort to - might not necessarily make their points back, but even so. Imagine a unit of conscripts with invisibility - you're not wasting a hideous number of shots to kill them, you're basically losing out on one shot from the archon, who by this point has achieved his actual purpose of delivering a unit via WWP that has split off from this pair.

That being said, the only reason i took this unit is I was preparing a list for a tournament that requires you to take a special character, I'd have found another use for 140pts otherwise (probably another razorwing)

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Opinions on our Special Characters?   Wed Feb 11 2015, 16:35

I have used drazhar a few times against less experienced players (oh how evil) to stop squads of their fresh Spess Mehreens, dont actually have the model though.

Because I primarily run Wych cult, I do have Lelith (That and, uhm... reasons), had her destroy a squad of necron warriors with a fully kitted overlord once a long long time ago by murdering so many of them (He spread out fearing my grenades :') ) that they couldn't get back into combat and then swept them. apart from that she's pretty lacklastur imho.

As for urien, I think he holds the most potential, but as I (apart from Dark artisans mainly) don't use the supplement, I'd rather not include haemonculi that much as it costs me fleet (Don't think Urien has fleet, does he?)

I think lelith might also be quite funny against CSM, force the challenge, reroll those crappy to wound rolls, have your overflowing attacks murder a good portion of their squad

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Opinions on our Special Characters?   Wed Feb 11 2015, 18:57

The only way our guys can be considered special is if they have a rainbow hat with a propeller.
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PostSubject: Re: Opinions on our Special Characters?   

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Opinions on our Special Characters?
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