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 SoB Discussion - What new things would you like in a new codex?

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PostSubject: SoB Discussion - What new things would you like in a new codex?   Mon Feb 09 2015, 23:48

Sisters of Battle / Adepta Sororitas

     So I personally don't find it necessary to bring up the fact that they need new plastic minis because we all already know this but here's my thoughts on some units -

     -You know the Repressor from forgeworld? I believe it should get added to the Dedicated Transport section.
-The Avenger Strike Fighter? Make it a Fast Attack or Heavy Support in a new codex.
-And the old FW Exorcist. I think that could be some sort of heavier Exorcist that shoots 1d3 S10 shots.
-Move the Penitent Engine to elites or make it a bit better. As it is it's not even worth a glance with the Retributers and Exorcists in the HS slots.
-Maybe another troop choice? I was thinking the Sisters Repentia. The reason being it seems like every codex has at least 2 troop choices and I feel like the other SoB one should be CC for more army variations.
-One last idea. Maybe something like SoB terminators. Not 2/5+ armor but like 3/4+. The reason for that is because I feel like SoB are the middle armored people of the Imperium so 2+ sisters seem strange to me.
-Also, this one may anger people and I understand why, but I think the Living Saint should have a 3+/4+ with a purchasable 3+ for like 15 points. The reason being because, once again, I don't think sisters should have 2+ armor.
-For the regular SoB squads I have an idea - For every 5 sisters in a squad one of them may take a storm bolter or flamer. For every 10 a sister may take a Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer, or Multi-Melta

Feel free to share you thoughts and add some points.
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SoB Discussion - What new things would you like in a new codex?
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