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 Most suitable Game types for the different armies

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Lord Puberis
Lord Puberis

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PostSubject: Most suitable Game types for the different armies   Mon Feb 09 2015, 15:00

Hi all,

Was thinking about this question and discussing it with a friend after we recently played a narrative.

What type of mission (both fluff and in terms of actual missions) suits each faction the best.

We played a 4 game campaign, where my Kabla attacked his space marine outpost, and the death of their commander forced them to fall to chaos, and eventually lead to a full blow Deamon incursion (I will put the full write up on here, if i ever get rounf to writing it.)

Obviously, a Dark Eldar army is suited best to a hit and run kind of raid, in Game terms, this is a castle/base assault, in fluff terms i suppose it would be a hi and run, where the DE dissapear after a lightning assault.

What do people think about other factions, Space marines are particularyl tricky as they are all rounders, but where do you think they are at their best (agains, both game play and fluff)

just an interesting question (at least i thought so)

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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Re: Most suitable Game types for the different armies   Tue Feb 10 2015, 12:11

I can only speak in fluff terms, because I don't know what missions you're referring to (possibly it's something from one of the many supplements I don't own).

- Orks and nids are both good as horde attackers - trying to storm a fortress or something with sheer weight of numbers. With the new book, Necrons could probably do this too (though I don't know if a tough, shooty army would be as fun).

- I think DE are suited to just about any attacking mission (within reason). Although, I'm not sure if they'd be as fun (for the defenders) or as visually exciting as orks or nids. I say this because those armies can just storm across the board as a mass of bodies. However, DE will generally be in vehicles and would probably hang back to shoot. Though, I guess if you had an all-melee DE army in raiders it could work quite well.

- Imperial Guard are good as defenders.

- Space marines seem like they'd be good either as defenders, or as attackers. If the latter, maybe an all-drop-pod army?
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Most suitable Game types for the different armies
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