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 Incubi vs Harlequins, Reaver vs Skyweavers

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PostSubject: Incubi vs Harlequins, Reaver vs Skyweavers   Fri Feb 06 2015, 21:28

My gut is telling me that Harlequins out-CC Incubi thanks to some of their wargear, but are more costly and don't get a 3+ save, so seem more fragile... Does anyone else have any thoughts on the matter ?

Also I'm kinda thinking Reavers are far more worth the points than Skyweavers beacuse: 1) we can get haywire cheap from scourges 2) Reavers are far cheaper 3) Reavers HoW offsets the added CC bonus from the Bolas/Glaive on the charge.

My hobby side is gonna get the models regardless, but when it comes to picking a squad for CC and FA duties, I'm torn. It almost seems like it's a Harlitroupe CC but a Reaver FA combo, which ruffles my fluff feathers a tad.

Anyone else trying to figure out how the harlies stack up against their DE counterparts ?
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PostSubject: Re: Incubi vs Harlequins, Reaver vs Skyweavers   Fri Feb 06 2015, 23:28

They actually are pretty similar. Incubi have similar killing power, significantly better armor, and PfP. Unfortunately they don't have grenades so they need to be more survivable. Harlequins are pretty much as good at killing (depending on equipment), Ignore difficult terrain completely, will generally go first, and have an invulnerable. The troupe master is pretty nice also, but then again so our klaivexes. Without more information about the transport, shadowseer, and any possible formation bonuses I think it will largely be personal preference.

Reavers are better, but skyweavers have their uses. I think they will be best as fire support. The are already expensive, have no grenades, and relatively fragile so paying 20% more to do a handful of nice cc attacks doesn't seem worth it. Especially when you compare them to the much cheaper reavers.

As fire support they offer some splinter cannons which are nice. They get the assault move for eldar jet bikes and if you keep their unit small they should be easy to hide. They are good at grabbing objectives like all jet bikes. They can have a 4++ for a turn so it's not as risky.

The haywire cannon is misleading. I think it's better to think of it as a S4 AP4 small blast that also has the haywire rule. It's not something you would replace scourge with, but it offers some anti-horde that can also be used as decent anti-tank.

With a 4+ armor save and no skilled rider they benefit from jinking less than reavers so you will want to jink less unless its from AP4 or S8 fire. Because you jink less the blast weapons are not as bad as they initially seem. Overall I still prefer the Splinter Cannon, but I think people dismiss the haywire cannon to easily. Also it provides options so that you can add more of what your list is lacking.
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PostSubject: Re: Incubi vs Harlequins, Reaver vs Skyweavers   Sat Feb 07 2015, 23:29

With regard to jetbikes, I think Reavers are much better for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, cost. I can have 6 Reavers for less than it costs me to buy 2 Skyreavers. And, I'm a big fan of having more bodies on the field.

Also, Reavers seem far better suited to the current jetbike rules - in that they're primarily a combat unit and so can freely jink for a 3+ cover save (plus they can get FNP). Skyreavers meanwhile... ugh. Why are virtually all their ranged weapons blasts? It means that if they jink, they can't even snapshot. Instead, they're relying on a 5++ - which really isn't something I want on a T4, 50pt model. I think they can get a 4++ for one turn, but even then it seems laughably easy to just torrent them down.

With regard to Incubi vs Harlequins, I'm unsure. Honestly, I don't really like either. Both of them seem too fragile for their cost, and the Incubi's lack of grenades kills them completely for me. If I had to choose one, I'd probably lean towards the Harlequins. But, I really can't see myself taking either.
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PostSubject: Re: Incubi vs Harlequins, Reaver vs Skyweavers   

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Incubi vs Harlequins, Reaver vs Skyweavers
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