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 Dark Olympiad + Storm of Blades and its interaction with 7th Ed Codex

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PostSubject: Dark Olympiad + Storm of Blades and its interaction with 7th Ed Codex   Wed Feb 04 2015, 16:54


Lelith or a Succubus
1+ Hellions unit
1+ Reaver jetbike unit
2+ Wych units
0+ Beastmaster unit
0+ Bloodbrides

Beastmaster units and their beasts have combat drugs.

Roll twice for Combat Drugs results and keep both.

Also, whenever a unit from this formation gains a pain token for killing an enemy unit, another Dark Eldar unit within 24" also gains a pain token.


How would the last part, in referring to pain tokens, work with the new codex?


Would also like assistance in translating the Storm of Blades formation in regards to how the new Aethersails work, and PfP interaction:

Skybound: Units from this formation may not voluntarily disembark nor go to ground. Any unit that disembarks for any reason, immediately loses a pain token. Pinning test if the unit has no pain token. At the beginning of any Dark Eldar shooting phase, units from this formation may choose to have Skyfire for its duration.

Storm of Blades: Raiders from this formation, and units embarked on them, may shoot in the same turn they use the bonus aethersail move, they may then flat out as if they had not shot.

I imagine for the PfP for Skybound would be to knock one rung off the Power From Pain chart.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Olympiad + Storm of Blades and its interaction with 7th Ed Codex   Tue Jul 21 2015, 12:23

Necroing because I'm currently musing over the Storm of Blades as the core of my force.

I would imagine that any reference to PfP tokens from these formations is simply ignored because they no longer exist in the game. But the other aspects of the rules would still apply. Disembarking from your Raider (I'd imagine bailing out would count for this too if when it got popped) would simply force on you a pinning check. If you want to bypass this you can take a cheap Grisly Trophy upgrade to get a reroll to that.

These two formations actually look pretty nice and make sense to field for a DE player. They both give great advantages and are using core units you'd want to be using in the sorts of armies they're tailored for. Storm of Swords lets your splinter gunboats jump-shoot-jump from cover back into cover melting infantry they target without leaving themselves vulnerable. All those Raider lances get to skyfire filling in one of the holes of the DE force composition and any flying MC's with a toughness value (looking at you Tyranids) are just toast. For a slight cost increase over base splinter gunboats (which many players take anyway in preference to Venom spam) you get significantly faster gun platforms that can mass skyfire and pump out their damage without ever really exposing themselves to return fire. Why wouldn't you take this? :-)

With the Dark Olympiad even the woeful Hellions become a thing with double combat drugs to boost their performance. If you were to use this with some CE allies and throw in some Banshee Masks then even the Wyches are gonna perform well. This could actually make a DE close combat army work, though you probably wouldn't want to take it vs MEQs necessarily.

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Dark Olympiad + Storm of Blades and its interaction with 7th Ed Codex
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