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 'Suicide Squad'

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Mario Augusto

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PostSubject: 'Suicide Squad'   Thu Jan 29 2015, 13:59

Hi all guys! Tonight i had a strange idea, and i wanted to discuss it with all of you: concerning a 1750 ETC list, i was thinking about a full 20 kabalites squad(no options) with an archon (wwp, no other options less maybe an animus) and a raider with sails. Now the idea was to move the raider on my first turn and give him a 36" bubble action where to place it. Then also if it dies (unless it explodes), place the 'suicide squad' behind him for a cover, and shot about 40 poisons with them on an infantry unit. If the unit dies is a distraction for enemy, it is not as easy to kill(23 wounds) and his cost is quite low(255 points+raider). What do you think about this tactic? i will probably test it, and remember: i would to play it as a distraction, so no matter if it dies :p

sorry for my bad english, i hope it was understable and that it will results interesting and not stupid.

Wainting for your comments


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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   Thu Jan 29 2015, 14:24

It's an interesting idea - remember a couple of points though.

1. A 20-man blob squad is about as efficient, once you add in the cost of a webway portal archon, as a 10 man squad on a raider with splinter racks. As you say, probably more of a distraction though.

2. If arriving by deep strike, unless you forego shooting the turn you arrive (surely the point) then those men will all be bunched up horribly just asking to be flamed/blasted/large blasted to atoms.

3. Assuming they aren't fearless by the time they arrive (turn 4 + haemonculus) then it would be fairly easy to make them take a morale check, and i dunno about you, but even on 8's I fail quite a few of those, at which point they're no longer a distraction but a source of amusement!

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Mario Augusto

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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   Thu Jan 29 2015, 14:48

First of all , thank for your comment Eye!
I've got you point, theese are my answers:

1- Yeah, as you said i would play them as a distraction, and i think it could works

2- If i get an opponent with high blast/large blast presence(like AM), and raider's cover doesn't help me, i could risk to aip in a ruin(placing an objective there ), making DT for the squad(about 2-3 dead) but give them a good cover save GTG, and stay there. Or i could also Run instead of shoot and place my model at 2" one from other. If there are No Cover weapon, ok you are right, the die Razz but they have to shoot and still works as a distraction.

3- I was concerning about an archon inside instead of Haemy for LD, going to 10 for tests, because as you said the will probably get one Smile

Point 2 highly depends on match i'll find, but i think i can find them different roles, and make them still work (i hope)!

Sorry for my English
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clever handle
Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   Thu Jan 29 2015, 19:30

I would suggest that for the points you're looking to spend you'd be better suited to use (4) venom's w/ double cannon for this application. The points cost is almost the same (260), you get MORE shots (48 in lieu of 41 when in rapidfire), and are significantly more effective for a variety of reasons:

a) MSU approach to the game meaning overkill of a single venom is far more likely than with a squad of 20 kabalites.
b) Conversely to (a), you're able to split your fire between other enemy units far more easily, thus preventing significant overkill on your part.
c) effective from turn one: you're on the board turn one and pump out 100% of your firepower at 36" plus movement, whereas the 20 man blob starts in reserve, so misses turn one, maybe turn two and three...
d) larger effective range, as mentioned above, 36" + movement, as opposed to 12" + movement, or 1/2 shots at 24" + movement...

All told, I don't think this would be a very effective "distraction" unit as it is quite a few points to build, and is basically a one trick pony. A Mech'd up opponent wont care, and an opponent with a decent assault punch also wont care as they'll simply charge the warriors & wipe the unit off the table...
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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   Thu Jan 29 2015, 21:19

I am not seeing the point of the Raider. Also, your post reads like your Archon is actively deploying the WWP, but it doesn't play that way anymore. Now, the HQ with the WWP deepstrikes without scattering, so the Archon is attached to the Kabalite blob and placed in Reserves.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   Thu Jan 29 2015, 21:52

I can honestly see the merits but I'd rather a haemonculus. Take a haemy with WWP, and a 20 man warrior squad. Hold 'em in reserve, and then no-scatter deep-strike yourself into an advantageous position. Probably near an objective, as the 20 guys will take time to shift. Haemy gives the squad a bit of extra staying power by advancing the power from pain table, guaranteeing you 5+ FNP from the turn they arrive.

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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   Fri Jan 30 2015, 07:19

You need coven haemunculi to have fearless right away.

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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   Mon Feb 02 2015, 04:43

Thought I'd throw in my own experience.
I tried a unit of 20 kabalites (2xblasters) deep striking in with a harmonculus.
Their target was a 5 man clan rauukan squad out on their lonesome.
First round of shooting (rapid fire) they killed 2 marines.
Next turn, they easily survived return fire from the 5 marines as well as 5 scouts. However, the scouts charged them. The warriors failed to kill the scouts, the sybarite died to the scout Sargeant, harmonculus failed leadership test, they fled and were destroyed next turn.
I think you really need either Fearless or Ld10 to keep them in place.
Just my 2c.

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Mario Augusto

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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   Mon Feb 02 2015, 14:36

Yes, probably you are right guys Sad thought it was a good idea, but almost unplayable Sad
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PostSubject: Re: 'Suicide Squad'   

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'Suicide Squad'
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