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 Dark Artisan Formation as a Warlord?

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PostSubject: Dark Artisan Formation as a Warlord?   Tue Jan 13 2015, 23:55

My current Warlord is an Archon in a Venom (boring, I know). I was wondering what you guys think about the idea of making a Haemonculus in the Dark Artisan detachment my Warlord. There are a ton of benefits to doing this which I will list below, however it's risky as I run a Venom Spam list and the Dark Artisan formation would be operating on their own, 'behind enemy lines' so to speak. Although I do want the formation to attract attention, I worry about the chances of actually losing the Haemonculus/Warlord. Nevertheless the Warlord and his unit would benefit from:

- Majority toughness 7 unit; 6 wounds from two Monstrous Creature 'bodyguards'
- Talos & Cronos: 3+ save (although a mere 6+ for the Haemonculus)
- Cronos: Spirit Probe for a 4+ FnP
- Haemonculus Warlord Trait: Master Artisan to re-roll 1s when rolling FnP
- Haemonculus Warlord: the Panacea of Pain for 4+ IWND
*Alternatively give the Haemonculus the Nightmare Doll for a 3+ FnP

Additional Support:
- Webway Portal on the Haemonculus to help secure a relatively safe Deep Strike
- I have a Farseer on jetbike with the Mantle of the Laughing God providing Pyschic Support (Telepathy)

I'm thinking of getting a Cronos and Pain Engine to try out the Formation but would like to hear your thoughts on making the Haemonculus a Warlord
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Count Adhemar

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Artisan Formation as a Warlord?   Wed Jan 14 2015, 00:15

I use the Dark Artisan formation regularly and always take the Haem as my Warlord. I've yet to lose Slay the Warlord when playing this.


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PostSubject: Re: Dark Artisan Formation as a Warlord?   Wed Jan 14 2015, 06:12

I did this same thing, with the panacea and wwp, in my game against Nurgle marines the other week. He was easily the most difficult thing on the board to kill, and the other guy was a Nurgle biker lord.

Dark Angels. The Rock. Lion El "Dwayne" Jonson. I can't be the first person to have thought of this.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Artisan Formation as a Warlord?   Wed Jan 14 2015, 06:57

I have used the Dark Artisan as my warlord only once so far, vs Biker Spam. First the Cronos got destroyed by plasma shots, then I killed his Black Knights in melee after which I had my opponents attention. Managed to kill another unit before succumbing to mass bolter shots.

I will definitely continue to use the formation, just not as my warlord. I feel that a Dark Artisan already garners plenty of attention without possibly giving up a victory point.

Mind you, my experience as a player is limited however.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Artisan Formation as a Warlord?   Wed Jan 14 2015, 13:37

I use it as my warlord as well, Even running solo they just do not die. If they enemy does kill them that means they used a ton of firepower doing so giving you a lot more guys alive. allowing you to table easily.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Artisan Formation as a Warlord?   

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Dark Artisan Formation as a Warlord?
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