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 Is there a way to make Wyches work?

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PostSubject: Re: Is there a way to make Wyches work?   Fri Feb 06 2015, 19:52

Wyches are broken. Compared them to orc and you won't put them anymore. They even nerfed them. Bloodbrides are even worst, they take an elite slot and they only have one more attack per model. I'm very disappointed that the author of the codex failed to make them work.

So to answer the question, no, there is no way to make them work. Except if you use them as proxy...
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PostSubject: Re: Is there a way to make Wyches work?   Sat Feb 07 2015, 18:29

Even in this edition, I run wyches, they look awesome, but they still hold the reputation that they can rip units up, though this is not the case. The psychological effect is humorous when you see your opponent either dedicate so much to taking down the wych transport, or by all means try to avoid that unit. To me, they have a battlefield control type role. Only in turn 4+ should they disembark to assault.
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PostSubject: Re: Is there a way to make Wyches work?   Sat Feb 07 2015, 23:44

The problem is that it doesn't take so much to blow up their paper transport and leave them stranded and half dead.

as to their uses:
Looking cool (like, waaaaay cooler than kabalites!!)
delivering a succubus without being as expensive as grots (though a lot more fragile, and sadly subpar)
And finally: tarpitting fire support

How do you guys think these girls would act as a speedbump to those annoying wraiths we're going to see everywhere?

Sadistic space elves on drugs using poisoned whips and flying around in Jabba the Hutt slave barges... What's not to like?
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PostSubject: Re: Is there a way to make Wyches work?   Fri Feb 13 2015, 12:10

I love wyches, and here there's a lot of people witch have to switch Kabal for Wyches, in last months.Yes, I'm talking about competitve games.

Wyches simply give you what Kabals never do: they are a 4++ with legs. There's some lists that simply you cannot stop it with fire, so you need something to block enemy units in CC for 1 game turn.
Wyches are the way for.
Yes, first apperance isn't so good, but after thinking and thinking, we found Wyches extremely usefull for this purpouse! They aren't designed to make damage, they will die. But, they can stop guys like Wraithknights, Dreadgnoughts, wounded units, single models, elite units (like Terminators, Centurions, Obliterators etc).
They even do damage at Pink Horrors, Cultist, other small objective units etc.

Yes, you can do this with other units....with other MORE EXPENSIVE units!
In a normal DE army Wytches doesn't fit...but, in a extremely MSU army, they are perfect! I have play a lot of games with MSU DE army with Kabal, but Kabals cannot give me much things other other shoot. I needed somtehing blocking in CC, not all the enemy, just some units, to shoot down others.
Fighting the enemy pice by pice.

For 50 points (65 with Heka haywire), you have an extremely usefull stopper unit (of course designed for elite units, not 50 blobs IG..) AND keeping at least 5 shots with pistols. I prefer sacrifice Kabal shots, for some protection/aggressive CC.

They can stop a lot of elite units (think about assault single unit with more Wyches units if you need. I play 4×5 units and against bigger units I can simply launch 1-2 units in CC, to make the deal), giving you a better fire concentrations;
They can clean up some objective from small units, so you don't need to spent 2-3 Venoms against 10 pink horrors getting ground (for example).

In a MSU firing army, I found Wyches extremely usefull, and worth.
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PostSubject: Re: Is there a way to make Wyches work?   

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Is there a way to make Wyches work?
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