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 played coven army today for first time and won

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PostSubject: played coven army today for first time and won   Sun Dec 14 2014, 07:27

so after years of not playing (last time was like 8th or 9th grade, I'm turning 24 soon) it was a 2k point battle and i had a partner to help me field enough points for a decent game. so it was me 1k of haemonculus goodness, and 1000 points of chaos space marines workn with slanesh. vs 2k worth of necrons. i really just wanted to get used to the rules again, test my units out on the field, just get a feel for my army. i ran dark artisan with wwp and liquifier on haemonculus, twin linked liqui on talos an probe on cronos. they did SOOOO good. killing a very large unit of necron warriors with a named character (i forget which) rolling 2x ap 1 on the liquefiers when they deepstriked turn 2. a unit of daemonettes charge through cover so fought them at I 1 and lost all but one model which tied them up long enough for me to shoot again with the 3 flame template weapons and doing a massive charge, all with only taking 1 wound on the cronos. the very next round, they killed one of the monoliths in close combat. then they got tied up with the ctan and did well for about 2 rounds before they necron player got some great roles and killed them all. LOVED THIS FORMATION!!!! i then took 3 5x wrack with raider/lance and liquifier each, one raider had disintegrator cannon and a haemonc with liqui. also had a venom with 5 wracks an liqui +cannon. first turn because of everything being difficult or dangerous terrain because one of the ctans i lost 2 raiders on rolls of 1 after turbo boosting but they where on top of objectives so it was fine. the wracks all in all weren't bad against the necrons at all. whipped out 2 squads running them down after he failed some tests. but did get pooped on a few times by the second monolith which got killed by my partners predator late in the game. in the end we won by 13 to 4 vp.

i can't wait to play my next game, i have just enough models to add a second dark artisan unit in a 1250pt army and can't wait to try out some of the other formations.
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The Shredder

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PostSubject: Re: played coven army today for first time and won   Mon Dec 15 2014, 17:01

Don't drink and post, kids. Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: played coven army today for first time and won   Mon Dec 15 2014, 19:59

@The Shredder wrote:
Don't drink and post, kids. Neutral

I don't get it.

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played coven army today for first time and won
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