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 Shadow Spectres

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PostSubject: Shadow Spectres   Fri Dec 12 2014, 05:20

Anyone ever used them before? They seem like they could be really awesome, especially in a Covens list, where that power to force enemies to make Ld tests on 3d6 might come in real handy.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Spectres   Fri Dec 12 2014, 08:47

They do look good but they are very expensive. The Exarch alone would be a minimum of 60 points to use that ability!


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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Spectres   Fri Dec 12 2014, 08:50

I was toying with that idea and discussed it a bit here on the forums here, but it ended up being situational. Althought the unit is not bad as of itself so... why not? I would definitelly consider them over the "conventional" Eldar allies. I think people are focussing way too much on the serpents, knights, wraiths and seers and are forgetting (and therefore are usually ill equipped to deal with) Warp Spiders and Spectres and such.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Spectres   Fri Dec 12 2014, 11:40

Yeah they are definitely good. Expensive but good... but that shouldn't stop you from running them. They are super versatile, fast and ultra-maneuverable with their thrust moves. If you can't decide between Hawks or Spiders for CW allies, Shadow Spectres are essentially both with higher strength weaponry. Great utility unit for DE that can help get extra anti-tank into your force, and when taken alongside WWP Archon, Scourges etc it gives you a lot of deepstriking opportunities.

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Spectres   

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Shadow Spectres
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