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 winning games

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PostSubject: winning games   Fri Dec 05 2014, 20:21

Okay, so I have a 1250 shooty list (mainly splinter rack warriors and blaster born, and a void raven) and I'm putting out very devastating shooting, even if I go second I just seem to blow stuff off the table to easily

I love the new codex (it stopped me doing msu spam) but I worry my local meta will soon hate playing me and my dark eldar (which isn't like the eldar codex, but still strong).

Now some tactics they used against me were silly, and dice rolls they had were pretty bad, but I just worry people won't want to play against me.

Anyone else want to play a game and just loose (without it being obvious) so people don't get disheartened playing you
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   Fri Dec 05 2014, 21:08

If you really are that much better than your buddies, now is the time to try out some fluffy fun lists: run a pure cult? Lots of pretty ladies and skater boys!
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   Fri Dec 05 2014, 21:23

See I don't think im that much better, the blood angel player made a huge mistake and rushed me, but I also play to my strengths, I'm a shooty player that likes having his army move and support and put out a hell of a alpha strike

Although I may start working on a cult list, or a LD bomb
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   Fri Dec 05 2014, 21:48

When the new codex hit I had a string of fairly devastating victories and I had the same worries... but then my regular Space Wolf opponent discovered how to hit my army in the face on turn one with drop-podding terminators, and then finish me off with assault cannon Razorbacks and the Wolfy flyer. I'm still struggling to get to grips with that tactic!

IMO, don't regret your victories, your opponents will adapt!
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   Fri Dec 05 2014, 23:55

I think both of the above could be good options.

If you already have the models, trying "less optimized" options can be fun for both players, and a challenge for a competent general.

Else, just help them learn. Finish each game with a quick "what could improve?" session - point out vital errors and explain why, at least against your army/style, it hurt them/helped you so much.
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   Sat Dec 06 2014, 00:32

In these situations, I like to do one of three things.

A) Experiment with something you're unsure about. Best time, really. Last edition, I tried playing around with putting a Haemy with some Mandrakes in Reserves and then Outflanking them in a game like this, and it ended up being surprisingly effective! (Some of my other games run in this style turned out to be less so, like running the Baron with Incubi.)

B) Try something off-the-wall. Reavers out the wazoo? Six units of Hellions? Why not? It's silly and might be fun. It could also lead you to some tactical breakthroughs. One of the most powerful (if less than reliable) lists I created in 6th came from trying to do this.

C) The most serious option: handicap yourself. I started doing this with my SM. Start fielding 10-20% less than the points limit for the game. This makes the games seem closer, and gives you valuable experience playing at a disadvantage (which means you'll be used to being down points in case of a bad DS mishap or some terrible rolls in a competitive setting). Kinda like training at 100x normal gravity, this is a good option to keep your opponents happy as well as increasing your competitive game. Just dont tell people. For some reason, they find out, they get super pissy about it.
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   Sun Dec 07 2014, 09:36

I am on a 4 game winning streak with my pure DE list, walloping other DE, SM, Eldar and CSM so far. I seriously doubted this codex...I was wrong, GW was right (dammit).
Highlight so far: With a retinue of 6 grotesques wittled away over 3 turns of shooting and crimson slaughter assault, Lelith faced down 2 squads of CSM on her own. She already had a Juggernaut Lord's head as a trophy. A challenge is issued and accepted with a champion. Using rampage and her re-rolls to hit and wound, 6 CSM die.
CSM hit back and 6 out of 45 dice wound. WS 10 rocks.
Save 4, Lelith has 1 wound left.
Combat resolution, Lelith wins by 4. Both squads roll a 9 for leadership test. I reach for my rulebook, read about multi-assault resolution for clarification...surely not...point out the rules to opponent.
I roll a 5 for initiative. Lelith murders damn near 2 full squads of CSM in a glorious sweeping advance.
What a fox.

Kia Kaha, Dark Eldar players!
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   Mon Dec 08 2014, 09:20

The two groups I play with consist of two different flavours of player. The first is with a group of close friends who are in for a laugh, we play to win and we play nasty but not tournament style because we aren't about super optimised lists but we take what we like. The other group I play with are great guys but take it very seriously. The latter I'm happy to bring the pain and smash them, or get smashed. Losing is part of the game, its the result if being countered. They see it that way as well because they are pulling all the stops to win.

But this has meant that recently my close friends are getting annoyed at my dark Eldar and my salamanders because playing with players who are better then you makes you a better player. And its difficult sometimes to tone it down. So what I do to keep the peace is still play to win. Still win. But drop a few of the venoms for example and stick in some Mandrakes. De-spam the good units just a little bit. You can still play good games without appearing patronising and it should help your friends enjoy the game. Its also good thing to make comments when something works. My mate had 1 riptide. I was like that's really nasty, especially when supported by the broadsides. Now he has 3. Same with another mate who had 1 dreadknight. Now he has two and uses the nemesis deepstrike formation. Now we have far more interesting games. Its advice without giving advice which also keeps things less patronising and more friendly.

Take out some of the multiple nasties, put in a few mandrakes etc. Make comments on stuff the opponent does that hurt or didn't work without directly telling them to avoid being patronising unless they actively ask you for advice!

Delicious and Coven-Baked for your Pleasure

A very slow, 30K Salamander Distraction Log: VULKAN LIVES
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   Mon Dec 08 2014, 18:05

Quote :
Anyone else want to play a game and just loose (without it being obvious) so people don't get disheartened playing you

Just wait for it, soon enough they will figure out drop pods, storm ravens and centurions.
Blood Angel will have new codex very soon.

Grub +1, dont give your mates too much advantage, it wont help anyone.

The Dance of Death begins - embraces, caresses, and kisses,
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PostSubject: Re: winning games   

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winning games
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