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 40k game management app ??

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PostSubject: 40k game management app ??   Sat Nov 22 2014, 22:53

Hi all

Does anyone know of an app that allows you to set up your army lists for a battle and then effectively "manage" the real life game for you. I know about Army Builder/Vassal/Quartermaster but they don't seem to include some aspects...

The two players would still place and move the army on the board, roll dice etc, but the app would
essentially inform them how far to move items, what is possible for them to shoot and how far etc, direct close combat, inform re available saves, and get updated with model deaths to then be able to progress thru each turn...

I think the benefits would be people would become familiar with the rules of the game and their army quicker, and be less prone to errors when playing/forgetting stuff

Would this even be possible to do ??

Just a meandering thought for someone who is relatively new to the game, and frankly struggling to remember all the rules, then having to spend 5 mins looking for them in the rulebook Rolling Eyes Smile
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PostSubject: Re: 40k game management app ??   Sat Nov 22 2014, 23:24

Nothing I am aware of. The modelling and the actual board gaming is an important part of this game. Its best to find yourself a group with people who already know the rules and learn whatever you struggle with from them. They wont need 5 mins to flip through a book.

AFAIK GW is very much opposed to anything that would simulate a battle in a computer. And a good thing that is IMHO.
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PostSubject: Re: 40k game management app ??   Sun Nov 23 2014, 07:52

Thanks for the reply.

I can understand GW wanting/needing to protect its IP and I definitely get that actual board gaming is an intrisic aspect of this game, I saw this app very much in the "helpful guide" position rather than simulating the actual battle.

It would be down to the player at the board game exactly how and where they moved their army, the app advises on what (probably basic) options are available...

Being a grandfather and wanting to play againt my grandsons ork army at home, my ability to get out to a local club / shop is quite limited hence needing this kind of guidance where we both require clarification to maintain adherence to the correct rules.

I notice Army Builder does quick ref guides for lists and units so that may help, and I've also found some good 1 sheet ref guides for each fundamental aspect of the game and phases so I'll go with those and see how we get on

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PostSubject: Re: 40k game management app ??   Sun Nov 23 2014, 20:58

Not what I first thought of when I read the title. Simulating battles off the battlefield, nope, agreed. But a game manager would be awesome, if just to keep track of counters and things like that.

There are way too many counters in this new fangled game, and I want a list of units on the field and what kind of things are happening/have happened to them as we play. On a screen. That would be amazing.

Dark Angels. The Rock. Lion El "Dwayne" Jonson. I can't be the first person to have thought of this.
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PostSubject: Re: 40k game management app ??   

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40k game management app ??
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