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 Doom+Psychic Shriek?

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Lost Vyper
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PostSubject: Doom+Psychic Shriek?   Mon Nov 17 2014, 15:13


A question...if i Doom a unit first and then use Psychic Shriek on them, can i re-roll the 3d6 to wound, if i fail the first roll? In the description of the Psychic Shriek it says : " Roll 3d6 and subtract the target´s LD - the target unit suffers a number of WOUNDS equal to the result. "

and the Doom states " all failed TO WOUND rolls made against the target can be re-rolled whilst the power is in effect. "

What do you think? Cos even if that Doomed unit goes through dangerous terrain, it has to re-roll the test. IMHO, this could be applied to the PS too...

- Lost Vyper
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PostSubject: Re: Doom+Psychic Shriek?   Mon Nov 17 2014, 15:23

I'd say the 3D6 isn't rolling to wound - it's a leadership based characteristic test that just happens to cause an equivalent number of wounds. Dangerous terrain however you are rolling to wound (it just wounds in an unusual fashion)

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Doom+Psychic Shriek?
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