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 Raiders of Commorragh

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PostSubject: Raiders of Commorragh   Fri Nov 14 2014, 04:28

I've never been able to leaf through a copy, so I have no idea what sort of content it has. Is it full of flavor and lore? How are the painting tutorials?

Basically, is this book worth buying?
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PostSubject: Re: Raiders of Commorragh   Fri Nov 14 2014, 04:42

You at all familiar with the White Dwarf "paint spatter" sections, where they show finished models, then give you a step-by-step illustrated guide on which of their paints to use with little close up pictures?

From my brief flip-through of the book it is exactly full of that, just with bigger pics to take up space.
Personally I love the white dwarf paint spatter for the few issues I bother to get, but I can't justify paying that much for a limited selection of colour palettes and paint styles.
No fluff or lore at all, just paint how-to and GW hype.

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PostSubject: Re: Raiders of Commorragh   Fri Nov 14 2014, 06:47

Actually, it does have lore, on the Kabal of the Flayed Skull, Lords of Iron Thorn, Prophets of Flesh and Cult of Strife. It shows off background/lore for each, shows an army of each, and then shows how they were painted. It's actually pretty good.

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PostSubject: Re: Raiders of Commorragh   Fri Nov 14 2014, 11:11

Yeah, I have a copy and it's beautiful. Like Aroshamash said, lots of lore about four different armies along with many beautiful pictures of them and detail shots of their units. There are many kitbashes and unorthodox painting styles in there, so it could be a good source of inspiration. Then, of course, there is the paint splatter style painting guides that are pretty neat.

All in all it isn't something you need to buy, but I'd say you won't regret it if you do.

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PostSubject: Re: Raiders of Commorragh   

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Raiders of Commorragh
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