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 Question on Pulsar Rule

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PostSubject: Question on Pulsar Rule   Wed Nov 12 2014, 07:52

Currently our only LoW is a revenant titan shared by our Craftworld kins. She has a couple of pulsars which shoot, as you know, a large-blast D-weapon. An owner of game shop will lend his titan to me for our Apocalypse Event next month, so I'm reading the rule of D-weapon in BRB for the first time.

Here's what I'm confused of. Let's say I hit ten guardsmen under the large-blast template. In this case, should I roll ten times to determine D-weapon effect for each model, or just roll once applied to the entire models?

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PostSubject: Re: Question on Pulsar Rule   Wed Nov 12 2014, 08:03

You roll for each hit you get. Only every sixth kills wihtout any saves.

Stomp is a bit more complicated when you get to cc with it.

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PostSubject: Re: Question on Pulsar Rule   Sat Nov 22 2014, 07:48

It's important to keep track of the wounds too because any unsaved wounds can not be allocated to any other model in the unit. So if a model gets 6 wounds put on him and only makes 3 saves the rest of the wounds are lost and you continue on for the rest of the unit per number that the template hit.

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PostSubject: Re: Question on Pulsar Rule   

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Question on Pulsar Rule
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