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 the Resources section of this site

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asdrubael Vect124

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PostSubject: the Resources section of this site   Fri Nov 07 2014, 15:24

i am not complaining given that i've only just started on this site, but looking at the resources section i've noticed its kind of lacking, for example the FAQ, for our CODEX only has a single page and thats it, nothing to tell people who cant afford the newer Codex what changes there are, it was really annoying for me because i downloaded it and was expecting to be brought up to date, and found literally one sentence. UNLESS that thing is the only FAQ or ERRATA done so far(which i highly doubt). sorry to be moaning but i'm unable to purchase the newer codex in addition how much is the new Main rulebook?
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Count Adhemar
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PostSubject: Re: the Resources section of this site   Fri Nov 07 2014, 15:31

The FAQ is simply a link to the official GW FAQ and not something produced by The Dark City. We are not responsible for the content! In any event, the GW FAQs do not update previous versions of the codex. If they did, nobody would buy the new codex.


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PostSubject: Re: the Resources section of this site   Fri Nov 07 2014, 15:31

If you're referring to the official FAQ/Erratta for the codex - that's been released by GW and it truly is the only FAQ that they have published thus far. The link goes to their site and is kept up to date.

As for the pricing, that's all available on GW's website where prices vary depending on what Country you're in (for example the prices in Australia tend to be more expensive than the prices in US, Canada, or the UK).

Resources are quick links to specific DE related articles that GW and the community produces. Since the drop of the new Codex, some resources have went away as they've been replaced with official products and such. In the future more may be added to the page but as is, it's only official items which are very limited currently since GW rarely produces FAQs these days.
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PostSubject: Re: the Resources section of this site   Fri Nov 07 2014, 15:39

The FAQ is not something we create - the FAQ is literally a link to the GW official FAQ for the codex. It is indeed the only FAQ and Errata yet done.

To the best of my awareness - FAQs were never intended to help you learn the new codex. It sounds to me like what you want is a tactica/unit review of which there are quite a few (video and text) on this site. Mostly hidden in the Tactics section;

The new main rulebook price varies. Brand new and hardbound it is $58 though you can probably find it cheaper online somewhere. Also, there is the mini rulebook from Stormclaw which, if you want those models also, is a good value,a nd if you don't you can probably find it solo on eBay for around (after some research) $33.

One supposes that you could also hunt down illegal downloads of pdfs of the rules, which are out there but which this site is obligated to officially advocate against because it is mean to GW, though I suppose they are out there Wink


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PostSubject: Re: the Resources section of this site   Fri Nov 07 2014, 15:52

The sort of resources that would be really helpful are cheat sheets, crib cards, precis of the rules etc, but those would infringe GW's rights, as they are effectively saving you from buying the rules.

It's unfortunate, but forums and groups that break those rules soon find themselves in trouble with GW's lawyers, and a forum provider won't think twice about shutting down a forum that is getting in to legal trouble.
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PostSubject: Re: the Resources section of this site   

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the Resources section of this site
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