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 Dark Artisan & Haemonculus Independent Character Rule

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PostSubject: Dark Artisan & Haemonculus Independent Character Rule   Thu Oct 30 2014, 21:59

Sorry if this has been asked already, I haven't seen it & have been fairly diligent about coming by here a couple times a day since the books dropped....

On to the meat: My understanding is that the Haemie must be a part of the squad & that other IC's are not able to join.... but as there is no rule removing the IC status from the Haemonculus does he retain this rule & thus all the benefits?

i.e. can he leave the squad during the game? If, during the game the MC's are destroyed does the Haemie have the ability to join up with another squad?
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Artisan & Haemonculus Independent Character Rule   Fri Oct 31 2014, 03:55

They 'must be fielded' not 'must be initially deployed' as a single unit.
I would say he has the rule still, and can still have a Look Out Sir effect, et al. That said, he is disallowed from separating from the unit, though if the big boys are both slain then he could join a different unit.


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Dark Artisan & Haemonculus Independent Character Rule
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