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 Forgeworld Reaper

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PostSubject: Forgeworld Reaper   30th October 2014, 16:30

Just a quick question here.  With the reaper you get d3 haywire rolls per hit scored.  

In the case for things like jink or other cover saves, does my opponent roll 1 save on the initial hit or do they get a chance to save on each haywire roll?
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PostSubject: Re: Forgeworld Reaper   30th October 2014, 16:34

You take saves against the glacing/penetrating hits, not just the shots (Hit -> Wound/pen -> Save)

so the order of operations is:
Roll to hit, if you hit
Roll a D3
Roll this many haywire rolls
opponent takes one save per glancing or penetrating hit (so he makes up to 3 saves)

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Forgeworld Reaper
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