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 Food for Thought: Haemonculus = Dark Bonesingers

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PostSubject: Food for Thought: Haemonculus = Dark Bonesingers   Sun Oct 19 2014, 21:47

I've never read this theory but I doubt I'm the first one to come to this conclusion. If there already is a thread for this subject, please point me in its direction and I'll gladly go there.

Looking at the abilities of the Haemonculus, especially as detailed in the stories of the coven book, I came to the realisation that they are in effect Bonesingers who went down a dark path.

No longer content with shaping bone for architectural or mechanical reasons, they turned to shaping themselves or the flesh of others. It's as though they were not satisfied with spiritual immortality via soulstones, and thus pushed the boundaries of their skills to the point where they achieved physical immortality.

Therefore a Coven army, and their love of flesh constructs, could find that their perfect companion is Ianden due to their love of wraithbone constructs. Both factions are basically necromancers, except that Dark Eldar have fully surpassed the Eldar because they've kept on exploring the darker depths of their Art since The Fall. The Covens have embraced their path while the Bonesingers are just skirting the edges of their field.

Allying with Ianden, while expensive, would add some some needed psychic defense and anti-armour as well.

Has anyone else considered this?
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PostSubject: Re: Food for Thought: Haemonculus = Dark Bonesingers   Sun Oct 19 2014, 21:51

I like this all around.
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Food for Thought: Haemonculus = Dark Bonesingers
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