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 Player Raging - A How To Guide?

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PostSubject: Player Raging - A How To Guide?   Wed Aug 17 2011, 17:33

So I'm in one of those college gaming clubs where players raging is a fairly common thing. Oddly enough, 40K seems to be one of those games that tends to set people off. I'm thinking of about two or three people in particular, one of which seems to sell and buy a new army after every two or three games (Plays Chaos, loses, goes "This army is useless I'm buying Blood Angels").

What I usually do is what I do in chess and any other board game -- I remain quiet. I understand others may rage, and I don't want to frustrate them any further or make them feel taunted.

So my question to you is, have you ever dealt with such players, and if so, how do you manage them?
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PostSubject: Re: Player Raging - A How To Guide?   Wed Aug 17 2011, 18:35

All you can do is try to be as good a sport as you can be. If it gets out of hand, call the umpire.

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PostSubject: Re: Player Raging - A How To Guide?   Wed Aug 17 2011, 18:51

I beat them like a Office Linebacker Terry Tate!


Seriously, I just go about doing what I'm doing. If some guy decides to have a rage, there really isn't anything I can do about it. I just keep o keepin' on.

However, I'm not normally a vocal or loud player, so quiet is my normal with the occasional cheer or 2.
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PostSubject: Re: Player Raging - A How To Guide?   Wed Aug 17 2011, 20:24

you just say good game, and remember not to play them again to you seen a change. I know ton of people like that, and its normally all comes down to they need to learn how to use their army. Just deal with it and go on.

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PostSubject: Re: Player Raging - A How To Guide?   Wed Aug 17 2011, 21:02

*not DE-specific, moving to Warhammer 40,000 Discussion section.*

It's tough when it's your regular group. I've never had that happen, but outside of my club, yes. Then, I usually just go quieter and keep to myself. If they are being really obnoxious, I might make a point of ignoring them and just engaging enough to complete a turn and the go back to a book or speaking with someone else. Or give them the hairy eyeball.

I would say 'Thanks' at the end, but not 'Good game.' Why lie? And I would try to avoid them in the future - who knows, if enough people do that then the message might actually get through.

There is a point, however, at which I will always concede and just pack up and walk away, and I don't care what the other person thinks. It's a recreational game and a hobby, I do it to relax and have fun, I don't need extra grief from it. And that's what I always tell my son to do, as well.

If no one ever jacks them up at all about it, then they will never change.
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PostSubject: Re: Player Raging - A How To Guide?   Wed Aug 17 2011, 23:25

I try to keep it fun and I'm (mostely) a good winner/loser trying to act like a gentlemen.
But when someone acts like an ... then I gladly return the favour Razz though I only use smart/witty comments to keep him just on the edge.

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PostSubject: Re: Player Raging - A How To Guide?   

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Player Raging - A How To Guide?
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