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 Are we more vulnerable to list tailoring than other armies?

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PostSubject: Are we more vulnerable to list tailoring than other armies?   Tue Oct 14 2014, 11:06

Here's something I've been thinking about for a while, even under our old codex.

Background: my friends and I tend to let each other know what army we're playing before we play, as it makes for a more interesting game (i.e., if I make an all rounders list, then my opponent plays his orks, I'm gonna feel my Dark Lances are a bit overkill, etc). However, I always seem to find that this seems to be more of a problem for Dark Eldar than my other armies.

Case and point: one of the last games of 5th I played was against a friend who said he was using Imperial Guard, I said I'd use Dark Eldar. He brought three Hydra and proceeded to decimate all my transports almost immediately, leaving me pretty much tabled by start of turn 3.

I'm not wanting to debate if list tailoring is good or not (I don't really care, I do it and I generally prefer it), but is it too detrimental for the Dark Kin? Does our glass cannon status cause more problems than it solves here?

TL;DR: Is it easier to build an anti-Dark Eldar list than other armies?
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PostSubject: Re: Are we more vulnerable to list tailoring than other armies?   Tue Oct 14 2014, 11:16

I think with the strength of the coven units now, that's less of an issue because I think the new codex and supplement will throw out different types of armies than before. It's all very well bringing three hydras but if you then bring a footslogging (or WWP) coven army he's going to struggle.

In short, tailoring against an army is easier the fewer viable build options there are. We now have more therefore we're getting more difficult to tailor against.

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PostSubject: Re: Are we more vulnerable to list tailoring than other armies?   Tue Oct 14 2014, 15:24

I feel like when your army is mostly AV10 and 5/6+ saves everything feels like a list tailoring.

After 7th came out, my DA friend (I also play DA) ran a curious 10 DWT w/ 2X HF + Belial squad, something you'd probably never run unless you knew you were playing say Tyranids or Orks maybe. Dropped them right next to my Incubi/Archon carrying Raider and roasted most of its passengers and glanced the Raider. When I charged I obviously lost more on the overwatch.

He at least humored me by accepting my challenge. I did slay Belial but obviously the Archon got smoked the next turn.

As The Burning Eye said the new improved coven units help. Bringing any of them as a detachment is a great way to spread threat and focus attention away from your more fragile units. This Saturday I ran the Cronos/Talos/Haemi WWP unit and it chewed up a unit of Boyz.

The Animus Vitae is really awesome also, especially in a WWP bearing HQ list. Basically being able to skip that FNP 6+ is a huge boon.
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PostSubject: Re: Are we more vulnerable to list tailoring than other armies?   Tue Oct 14 2014, 17:15

It is true that we now have more options and might be more difficult to tailor against. The fact remains that we have cardboard transports and cardboard armour, so we heavily rely on cover, even Coven units.
So bring a lot of ignore cover shooting and you will be more efficient vs Dark Eldar.

At least now we have the chance of fielding an effective Carnival of Pain Detachment, only fielding buffed high Toughness. So yes, all that yummy anti-skimmer weapons will suffer.

Personally I don't like to tailor, unless you play campaign style or have a long history with you gaming buddy. As always games should be fun and their is little fun and excitement in a one-sided game. You need the tension of being able to still win/lose or draw to keep it interesting.

Rock-Paper-Scissors isn't that fun. just my 2cents
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Are we more vulnerable to list tailoring than other armies?
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