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 Small changes I would make

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PostSubject: Small changes I would make   Fri Oct 10 2014, 22:49

I don't mind the new dex, its a tad lacking but we have to deal with that. However, I threw together a few ideas for various units which would be nice. What do you think?

Wyches: Two attacks base, to make up for there horrific nerf

Kabalites: Drugs. 3pts a model

Trueborn: Drugs, 3 pts a model, option to take ghostplate, 5 points a model

Scourges: SKYFIRE

Mandrakes: Choose to enter ongoing reserve, can redeploy in cover via deepstrike, no scatter.

Talos: Chainflails : D6 bonus attacks, back to 100 points

Voidraven: Nightshields and Shrouded as standard

Razorwing: Vector dancer

Bloodbrides: May take haywires, 2 pts a model

Raiders: "Lightning assault" units may disembark after a 12" move and leap directly into assault. Place unit 6" from raider hull. Scatter 1 d6. If you end up on top of an enemy unit, gain hammer of wrath, then take a dangerous terrain test before entering assault. If you hit the ground take an impact test.

Venoms: May take nightshields

Ravagers: Flickerfields and Aerial Assault

Liquifiers: Strength 4

Just my thoughts after a few playtests

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PostSubject: Re: Small changes I would make   Sat Oct 11 2014, 00:02

I like some of those. For me, I think that from a minimalist improvement point of view I would have liked to see the following:

1) Ancient Doom special rule like CWE; apparently we don't feel as strongly about that soul sucking daemon we birthed as our monastic bro's do...
2) Hatred USR across the army. That's kind of our thing. Should be PFP turn 1 effect as it is fluffy & provides a small boon to our combat units. Hatred would make wyches viable as a tarpit unit as they would be more likely to survive that first round; hellions, jetbikes and wracks would similarly benefit, as well as the HQ's; the only unit(s) I could see it being over the top with would be grotesques and incubi with a klaivex due to shear volume of attacks.

That's it. I think that those changes - one fluffy with little to no real game impact, one that really is nothing more than a throwback to the mythos; and another a small boon that fits with the mythos, and provides a small boost to a bunch of units whose effectiveness ranges from marginal to poor.
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Small changes I would make
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