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 deploy unit, reserve transport?

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PostSubject: deploy unit, reserve transport?   Wed Oct 08 2014, 18:42

Can you deploy and unit with a dedicated transport and reserve the transport or visa versa?

I thought the unit counted as one entry when deploying or reserving? Where does or doesn't it say that you can do this? Page numbers and quotes would be great. I'd love to do this

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PostSubject: Re: deploy unit, reserve transport?   Wed Oct 08 2014, 18:46

I would think you can do it, but I choose not to.

Units go inside a Raider, the Raider has Deep Strike, and the BRB states models inside transport don't need deep strike, and deep strike arrives from reserves. So yes, I would say dedicated transport can be held in reserve.

Just remember that transport taken as dedicated transport DO NOT count as fast attack (AFAIK) and thus don't count on force organisation. Sometimes that's beneficial, sometimes not.
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PostSubject: Re: deploy unit, reserve transport?   Wed Oct 08 2014, 19:02

The only real restriction on a Dedicated Transport is that during deployment (or when placing it in reserves) *only* the unit that it is dedictaed to (plus ICs attached to said unit) may start the game inside of it.

That's it.

So you can deploy both on the table, with the unit in or not in the transport.
Both in reserve with the unit in or not in the transport.
Or you can have one start on the table and one start in reserve.
All are fine.


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PostSubject: Re: deploy unit, reserve transport?   

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deploy unit, reserve transport?
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