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 Questions about pick and pluck foam

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PostSubject: Questions about pick and pluck foam    Wed Oct 08 2014, 12:35

Greetings Denizens

Being an Archon is a hard job, having to set aside old differences and raid the realspace to provide
For Commoragh, seeking to further your status while watching your own back because the knife that is coming is probably wielded by one of your trusty lieutenants and to top it all of you have to do all of the above with style!

So recently I decided to spare myself the heartache of another broken raider sail and buy a transport case for my army, the best solution that I can come up with while taking the limited availability of choices here and my finances is a feldherr bag with some pick and pluck foam, but since I am buying over the internet and I can’t gage the foam trey size myself I was wondering if any you have purchased something similar can help me out .

I am mostly looking for size suggestions foam trays to carry the Razorwing, Venoms, Raiders and my trusty Talos (AKA the riptide beater!) and most of all the voidraven since I don’t have one yet.

I know I can measure most of these myself but I wanted to know if anyone else transports their army this way and benefit from your experience so I can avoid any potential problems like say buying a bunch of foam and still having to empty half a glue pot every time I take my army to the gaming club
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PostSubject: Re: Questions about pick and pluck foam    Wed Oct 08 2014, 14:04

Mega-pinch-of-salt time, but what's actually worked best for me for raider etc transportation is a cardboard box carefully lined with bubblewrap. Done properly, and with enough things in the box to minimise rattling, it works very well for minimal cost.

Pick and pluck foam is a much better option, but majorly more expensive because of the sheer size of the cases needed because our models are so big and fragile... I've declined to get a KR Multicase for exactly that reason.

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PostSubject: Re: Questions about pick and pluck foam    Wed Oct 08 2014, 14:39

Personally, I'm also in the cardboard box side of things, except instead of bubble-wrap I use teddy-bear stuffing (so soft!)
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PostSubject: Re: Questions about pick and pluck foam    Wed Oct 08 2014, 16:27

I own a Feldharr case.

I think it's a good case, but would describe their foam as softer than, say, GW or Army Transport foam. As such, with soft bags and soft foam, they can sometimes allow minis to 'escape' from their slots (this is talking infantry, and metal infantry at that)

I carry my Raiders in a GW hardcase - I do think a hardcase is a good move for Raiders/Ravagers as they really need sturdy cradling to avoid the small fiddly bits getting to move around much.


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PostSubject: Re: Questions about pick and pluck foam    

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Questions about pick and pluck foam
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