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 Just a little things I just realized... about objective !

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PostSubject: Just a little things I just realized... about objective !   Tue Oct 07 2014, 18:28

Hello everyone !

I read a lot of comments and while it is true that we got some nerf, I think we are going to be beast at capturing and holding/denying objective game.

I mean look at our army. We have a lot of fast vehicle, we can hit hard and we can now deepstrike without scattering. We also have a better toy to help us holding the objective : Talos/Chronos.

When you look at the codex just to wipe your opponent, it's not very good. But if you look at the codex, keeping in mind that all you want to do is to be able to hold or deny certain objective to score points with the new cards system, well it is awesome !

We are even more mobile than before. We are a little bit more resilient.

What do you guys think about that ?
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PostSubject: Re: Just a little things I just realized... about objective !   Tue Oct 07 2014, 21:23

I think with some fine tweaking Our power level on killing things actually got alittle better with the Basic DE Book, To me it seems that the DE book is Fire power and the Cover book have Staying Power.

Both books have alittle of the other in them, but each book focus for on one than the other.

5 Talos: thats 15w at T7 with 3+/FnP with Scout, if you Add a Cronos behind them, they will have 4+FnP, Put some HWB's on them, now you have a Living Walking AT/AI super unit. Tho this will cost 800pts. But, it unless they have titans/D-weapons blasts, not much will kill them in a couple turns, I If my math is correct, it will take an average of 8 Wave Serpent's full firing to kill that unit.

The DE book seem to be trying to do Alpha strike with Guns and then mop up with Melee turn 3-4 with our Rampage units/bikes.

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Just a little things I just realized... about objective !
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