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 Why Eldar Allies ALL the time!

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Klaivex Charondyr
Klaivex Charondyr

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PostSubject: Re: Why Eldar Allies ALL the time!   Sat Oct 04 2014, 16:38

Probably because they are our only Battle Brothers.

Nobody bats an eye on CSM ally with Daemons (actually I hated it when they divided them) or Inquisition/Knights/Imperial Guard ally with Space Marines of any flavor. That seems totally clear and deserved.
In fact over 50% of all armies can ally with each other, leaving the other 50% completely in the dark with one or even none battlebrother.

I really would like to think each army of its one is competitive. Fact is, they are not.
I would like to think that the ally system is there to add to the fluff. It is not.
We still dont have Chaos Knights, Traitor Guard, Genestealer Cults, Renegade Marines,... all that would be totally simple by just shifting the ally table. But they did not.

So it is "Eldar all the time" because there is no much choice besides them.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Why Eldar Allies ALL the time!   Sat Oct 04 2014, 19:34

No issues with it.

Virtually any combination can be justified fluffwise using counts as.

Any combination can be justified in terms of simply playing the game.

But - I lied - I do have an issue - I shouldn't have to do it simply to come up with a truly strong army. Maybe the new codex has removed the need, but I'll believe it when I see it happening.
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Archon Rievect
Kabalite Warrior
Archon Rievect

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PostSubject: Re: Why Eldar Allies ALL the time!   Sat Oct 04 2014, 23:57

Well I feel a bit better about the codex, have been making up some Court units and you can be pretty cheesy... since you can have up to 12, no minimum of each, you can run all Lhamies,Sslyth,Medusae,etc..

So- 12 Lhamies at 10pts each- 36 Poisoned 2+ attacks , with Lethal Dose ID on wound rolls of 6- OUCH!- they MAY just be a cheap MC killer

-10 Medusae, costly at 25 each(up from 15-dammit) Template S4,AP3 ..... TEMPLATE DEATH
-SSlyth Basically our 'Termies' ,25 pts each........if you do not run Grots....

Court still takes up no FOC slot...... and you DO NOT NEED to have them attached TO the Archon,you just NEED an Archon to use them...... So put them in a raider and have the Archon in a venom.....

Fra-jill-eee as ever but never know.... be a rude present for someone, taunt something ..... HA!

Anyway just thought I would share....... someone will probably bitch after facing a unit like one of these.......

I am going to try a unit of 12 and archon in a tantalus and see how it goes........
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PostSubject: Re: Why Eldar Allies ALL the time!   

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Why Eldar Allies ALL the time!
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