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 Welcome to Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast

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PostSubject: Welcome to Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast   Wed Oct 01 2014, 05:01

Hosted by our very own Thor665 and Evil Space Elves, Splintermind is a monthly podcast focusing exclusively on The True Kin. Each month Splintermind will feature discussions on tactics, painting, modeling, background, or fluff along with guest hosts all focused on the denizens of Commorragh. Splintermind will release on the first Wednesday of each month with occasional bonus releases between.

October is a special month where a new episode will be released each week as we gear up for the new Codex that is on the horizon.

Episode List

Splintermind - Episode 1 - Introduction to the cast and hosts as well as dicussing some of the comfirmed releases included in the upcoming Dark Eldar Codex

Splintermind - Episode 2 - New codex in hand, we discuss the new army wide special rules, the datacards, warlord traits, new sculpts, and a lot more!

Splintermind - Episode 3 - We do a breakdown of all the new HQs. We also discuss the Coven Supplement, doing an analysis of the new army wide rules and general feelings of how it will serve you in winning games.

Splintermind - Episode 3.5 - We work over the Dark Eldar Troop selections available to us . Some builds are suggested and purposes for the units are debated. Now on a new host site.

Splintermind - Episode 4- A review of Heavy and Elite options, though we do manage to delve deeply into the MAJOR ramifications of the FAQ.

Splintermind - Episode 5 - We finish off our codex review by looking over the Fast Attack options. Topics of discussion include; places for flesh gauntlets to explore, and whether nightshields are even a valid thing.

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Welcome to Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast
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